Carrier/Stroller Baby Bootcamp & Ladies Body Toning Bootcamp in Zürich.

«Ready to attack your problem areas?!»

Gruppenkurse (max. 8 Teilnehmerinnen)
Dienstag 19.30-20.15 Uhr Pilates Barre mit Jenny
Mittwoch 19.30-20.15 Uhr Breath.Strecht.Relax mit Paula ab Januar 2020
Donnerstag 18.30-19.15 Uhr Booty HIIT mit Olga
Freitag 10.15-11 Uhr Carrier Baby Barre mit Jenny ab Januar 2020
Samstag 9-10 Uhr Ladies Bootcamp mit Jenny/ Olga

MY BODY TONING Carrier / Stroller Baby Bootcamp: get in shape & spend time with your baby!
This carrier and stroller-based fitness program, designed for moms with little ones, features a unique blend of Pilates, barre and bootcamp exercises.
Each 60-minute total body workout incorporates cardio, strengthening, and muscle toning to help moms improve their shape and posture. Created by a mum, this class incorporates postnatal training to yield amazing results, creating a taller, leaner-looking mommy!
For babies from 3 months to 1,5 years old.
When the weather is cold and wet we stay inside. Nice weather we go outside. Please bring a carrier or stroller accordingly.