aboutmeJennifer Winklhofer
Personal Trainerin und Ernährungcoach

Small but oh lalala, this lady will kick-ass your female problem areas!

From the office into the studio: instead of managing marketing projects she found her passion in helping other women to get rid of their problem areas – in personal training sessions or in her ladies bootcamps.
Over several years she upgraded her education at the renowned Glucker Kolleg as a personal trainer and nutritionist, including the instructor licence for Miha Bodytec EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and Power Plate, and started 2012 her own business: My Body Toning.
During her time abroad in the USA in 2015 she continued her fitness education and got certified at the famous EHS San Francisco as a Pilates instructor, worked at The Dailey Method barre studio, gave birth to her daughter and specialised at Preggo Pilates San Francisco in pre & postnatal Pilates.
Back in Zurich she deepend her postnatal Pilates skills at PilateSwiss and offers now besides personal training and EMS also pre & postnatal Pilates in Seefeld.