Carrier/Stroller Baby Bootcamp & Ladies Body Toning Bootcamp in Zurich.

«Ready to attack your problem areas?!»

MY BODY TONING Ladies Bootcamp ist die Hölle – für weibliche Problemzonen. Gleichzeitig ist das anspruchsvolle Training ein echter Stresskiller. Hier kannst du dich richtig auspowern:
Der unschlagbare Bootcamp-Mix aus Kraft-, Ausdauer- und Beweglichkeitsintervallen macht dieses knackige Workout abwechslungsreich, steigert deine Fitness und ist der pure Fatburner.

Hier kannst du deine grossen und kleinen Muskelgruppen tonen, deine Kondition trainieren und mächtig Kalorien verbrennen. Auf diese Weise erreichst du in ein paar Wochen eine Form, die sogar den härtesten Drillsergeant neidisch macht.

MY BODY TONING Ladies Bootcamp is the perfect weapon to eliminate your problem areas. At the same time this ambitious training class is a real stress killer too!Here you can completely challenge yourself: the unbeatable bootcamp mix of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination intervals make this firm workout diversified, improves your fitness and is the pure fat burner.

Here you workout and tone your large and small muscle groups, condition yourself and burn loads of calories. In only weeks you will see a dramatic change in your body and energy level, which will make the toughest drill instructor jealous!


Coming again Spring 2020.

MY BODY TONING Carrier / Stroller Baby Bootcamp: get in shape & spend time with your baby!
This carrier and stroller-based fitness program, designed for moms with little ones, features a unique blend of Pilates, barre and bootcamp exercises.
Each 60-minute total body workout incorporates cardio, strengthening, and muscle toning to help moms improve their shape and posture. Created by a mum, this class incorporates postnatal training to yield amazing results, creating a taller, leaner-looking mommy!
For babies from 3 months to 1,5 years old.
When the weather is cold and wet we stay inside. Nice weather we go outside. Please bring a carrier or stroller accordingly.