Visibly good in shape – Personal Training, Small Group Classes, Pilates, EMS, Pre & Postnatal, Ladies Bootcamps and Nutrition Coaching in Zurich.

MY BODY TONING is the perfect fitness and nutrition coaching programme for all, who want to bring or keep their body in shape.

MY BODY TONING Personal Training delivers a variety of different training methods for your lifestyle from Fascial to Rebound training. The special: the training is adapted to the individual body type – for a slim, defined and delicate feminine figure.

MY BODY TONING EMS Personal Training stands for electrical muscle stimulation and is a super effective complete body workout in 20 minutes only. Split into a strenght training and HIT-cardio part you promote your muscles and cardiovascular system, fight cellutilte and strenghten your back in no time. It is also great for postnatal to each the deep pelvic floor muscles. Gain more in 20 minutes!

MY BODY TONING prenatal & postnatal – for all mums and mums-to-be: a strong back, abdominals and pelvic floor during and beyond your pregancy.

MY BODY TONING Ladies Bootcamps are for all, who love to workout in a group. Little drill for big results.

MY BODY TONING Nutrition coaching is the ideal addition for successful results, which are not only visible but measurable too.

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